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arbirk-wenstrup is a combination of 2 family names put together by our marriage. Our first name is Anne and Lars

arbirk was Lars´ family name. It was bought by my fathers parrents rigth after the sekond world war. Until then their family name was the common danish name "Petersen".

wenstrup was Annes family name. Her grandfather came from a small village in Jutland called Venstrup, and he was called Wenstrup by everyone. His official name was the common danish name "Nielsen".

So, our names has no long history. But we like to hear from other people around the world, to hear their history and their way of living. We like travelling, and we like to explore the past in museums, monuments and nature.

We live with our two kids in Denmark in the northern part of Seeland near our capitol Copenhagen. We are both well educated, and working in the public administration.

Thank you for your interest. Our email adress is: if you would like to contact us.